Pensions Auto-Enrolment: Can you afford not to act now?

Auto-Enrolment is the term used for the automatic enrolment of employees into Workplace Pension schemes. By 2018, all businesses must operate a pension scheme for qualifying employees, with employee and employer contributions.

All employees have to be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme but can opt out once they are enrolled. Three years after they have opted out they must be automatically enrolled again. Employees can opt in or out whenever they wish.

Already, The Pensions Regulator is starting to enforce the new rules on Workplace Pensions, so you need to be sure your business is complying. If Auto-Enrolment is causing you a headache, come and talk to us and we’ll explain how we can help. Can you afford not to act now?

Our director is not just an Independent Financial Adviser but also a Chartered Accountant, so he is well placed to advise on how best to implement AE. The costs of so doing are often covered by the tax savings that we can help you make on an ongoing basis.

The Auto-Enrolment process is highly complex. Firms will need to implement a scheme by a particular date, called their “staging date” and then assess which employees will need to be enrolled into the scheme. Once you know this, you will need to set up a pension scheme and manage that scheme each month, including payroll management, record keeping and communicating with your employees, many of which will inevitably have questions.

As a financial adviser, we have many years’ experience advising clients on pension planning and we can provide you with support at every stage of the process, which even includes providing the software you need to manage the scheme once it has been put in place.

Once you are ready, we can walk you through the process and provide further information regarding where and how we can support you.

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If you’d like to discuss Auto-Enrolment with us, or if you’d simply like to explore the options available to you, please call now to arrange a review meeting. There’s no obligation… just a good opportunity to discuss your position with an investment and financial planning expert who understands the marketplace. Contact us now…