Helping you make the most of your money…

What should you do to secure your future and make best provision for your family? How should you proceed when you have inherited money, won the lottery or sold a business?

The Director of Alpha Investments & Financial Planning Ltd, Alan Solomons’, has been involved in sophisticated investment planning and pensions since the mid 1980’s when he noticed there was a wide difference between the best and worst performing pension funds. He decided that his clients needed protecting from tied agents and company salesmen and set about providing a service that would give them the independent investment advice they deserved.

Today, in addition to pensions, you can rely on us to provide you with investment and tax planning advice covering Unit Trusts, Investment Bonds (both on and off shore), PEPs, ISAs, Traded Endowments, Maximum Investment Plans and SIPPs (Self Invested Pension Plans)and SSASs (Small Self-Administered Schemes).

We also act for clients who have inherited large sums of money or recently sold a business. Our objective, always, is to help you make the most of your money depending on your risk profile.

…with a comprehensive financial life plan

It all starts with you… We’ll sit down and discuss you, your family, your financial objectives, your aversion to risk and your timescales. This detailed fact-find helps us clarify what you want from the rest of your life, financially, and provides us with the building blocks for a comprehensive financial life plan. In turn, this becomes the investment blue-print which will guide all our decisions.

Whether you have just inherited a large sum, sold your business, won the lottery or have invested wisely in the past, we’ll help you create an investment plan that suits your needs and your level of risk.

Once we have ascertained your requirements, we present our first draft plan for your investments. We may look at a lifetime cashflow forecast, adjusted for tax and inflation, to make sure that you can afford your goals or if you are building up a large inheritance tax problem for your family.

Your tax situation is always taken into account

Your tax situation is always taken into account. Unlike many Financial Advisers, our Director is also a Chartered Accountant, so maintaining a close watch on the tax implications comes as second nature.

In every case, we consider the personal implications, as well as the investment options. It is essential that these are fully considered from the outset, as it can be costly to change your mind once your investments have been put in place.

You can rest assured that we’ll maintain a close watch on your investments and recommend when and what changes should be made. We also keep in touch with you to ensure we are always aware of any changes in your circumstances or if you want to change any objectives. We are always available to talk to you.

Our investment advice is offered on a fee basis. As an Independent Financial Adviser, we have access to the whole of the market and are totally independent of any investment provider.

Call now to arrange a Review Meeting – at our cost

If you’d like to discuss your investments with us, or if you’d simply like to explore the options available to you, please call now to arrange a review meeting at our expense. There’s no obligation… just a good opportunity to discuss your position with an investment and financial planning expert who understands the marketplace. Contact us now…