Here’s what our clients say about us

As mentioned in our Team Commitment page, we believe totally that your perception of our performance is always the reality. So here are just a few of our reality checks:


My Wife and I had a sum of money which we invested through an independent financial adviser. After being a client for nearly 5 years we were surprised and a little upset that he had retired and sold the Business on without informing us.

We contacted Mr. Solomons’ towards the end of 2013 and arranged a meeting with him bringing all relevant paperwork he had asked for. That first meeting was more of an Introduction, with lots of questions on both sides and we quickly decided Mr. Solomons’ was a man who knew his business and who we felt comfortable with, this was an important point for us.

Our second meeting, a week or two later, was more Business orientated and very detailed. Mr Solomons’ went through all our papers and documents with us and Explained what he proposed to do – with our approval, of course. He was very thorough and explained everything we didn’t understand to our complete satisfaction. He keeps in regular contact with us and is always ready to advise us on all matters.

We are more than happy to have him as out advisor, we both like him, as a man of Principal and Integrity, trust him implicitly and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody who might need his services.

Mr and Mrs Le Blanc (Harrow)


Thank you very much for the excellent work you did in negotiating with the bank on my behalf. You agreed an interest rate which was at least 0.5% below that which I might have expected to achieve without your assistance. Most importantly, the arrangement was in place in time to enable the project to proceed.

Martin J Beir
The Kingfisher Press


I appreciate the considerable assistance that you gave in helping to bring a particular commercial mortgage to a satisfactory completion. As Solicitors for the institutional lender dealing with a large commercial loan, we much appreciated your timely intervention as the accountant for the borrower, which assisted in bringing the matter to a successful conclusion for all parties. Your professional and helpful attitude to the matter was very much appreciated in the circumstances.

D. A. Rust
Rickerby Jessop Flint


Just a brief note to thank you for your help in the merger negotiations between My Company and the New Company. At the time I was happy to get about 33% of the shares of the combined company.

However, your view was that I should get more. While doing the due diligence you not only persuaded me that I should ask for more but also created the environment where the other side were also so persuaded. This resulted in a deal where I got 40% with incentives to bring me up to 44% over a short period of time with 50% of dividends.

Over the years I have used you as a valuable sounding board when difficult situations have arisen and would like to say how much I have appreciated your advice and our discussions over the years.

A Client


I must say how grateful I am for the unsolicited advice that you gave me concerning my property development which was so badly affected by the recession.

Talking to various friends and associates I realise how lucky I am to have an accountant who thinks about his client’s tax planning without being prompted.

I thought the £30,000 that I was losing on my property development was all dead money. It was a pleasant surprise to find that not only were you able to get instant tax relief of £7,500, but were also able to turn it to advantage to give me three years of no tax bills and an additional £1,000 refund in respect of my wife.

Peter W Chigwell
Chignell Timber Frame Services
Beccles, Suffolk


We were first recommended to Alpha Investments and Alan Solomons’ when we were selling our Ironmongers business. They advised us on the tax aspects of the sale and helped in the final negotiations. I must admit I had certain apprehensions when we went to the meeting for the final negotiations. The other side was a company that had a team doing nothing but going round the country buying up ironmongers. How was a local accountant going to have any impact on them?

As it turned out Mr Solomons’ convinced them that our business was worth much more money than they were offering. Indeed much more than the maximum that their Chairman had authorised them to offer. They had to go back to him to get authorisation for an offer above the maximum already authorised, which they duly obtained.

On top of this it later transpired that Mr Solomons’ had slipped in a clause that meant we were paid by the purchasers the full tax relief on our single premium pension premium instead of only one fifth. Their accountant did not pick up on the tax implications. This meant that we received an extra £27,600 plus £34,000 from the increase in the final price. The original offer of £286,000 had now become worth £347,000.

After the business was sold we wondered how to invest the money. Hearing that Mr Solomons’ specialised in dealing with investments we were more than happy to let him advise on all our monies. We had sizeable portfolios of shares that Mr Solomons’ wisely advised us to liquidate. Luckily most of our shares were sold before a crash in the market. We have been
happy with his advice ever since.

Bernard Romany


Using a financial adviser is about trust. You can trust Alan.

Jeffery Elliott