How much is your business worth?

For many business owners, the true value of their business comes not from the amount of their annual earnings or dividends, but from its sale price. Yet selling a business – and getting the best possible price – is a complex task and needs considerable forward planning if you want to make the best possible return.

Our comprehensive service encompasses three stages of your business sale:

  • Advice prior to sale. How to prepare your business for sale. What to say to your key people. How to find buyers. How to negotiate to get the best price. How to minimise the tax payable on the sale.
  • Selling your business. We work with an experienced company who has thousands of contacts with individuals, businesses and institutions who want to buy a business. Your data always remains confidential.
  • After sale. Once your business has been sold, we provide ongoing investment and tax advice.

Whether you want to sell and get out or sell and stay on, we can help you achieve your objectives and get the best price.

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