Life Assurance: An essential component in your investment or financial planning

Life Assurance is an essential component of your investment or financial planning. After all, our destiny is not always in our own hands, so the protection afforded by insurance can at least offer some degree of financial assistance if the worst does happen.

We are proud of our record in providing our clients with the best service in life assurance provision and advice; our quotes have only been beaten once in 26 years! That’s an impressive record of success that should give you the peace of mind you need.

We like to be aware of all possibilities when arranging Life Assurance policies for you. For example, if business partners require life assurance to enable the survivor to buy out the other’s share, we’ll make sure it’s arranged so you avoid an unexpected and unintended large inheritance tax bill.

And we always look for innovative ways to reduce your premiums even further – for example we once saved a client around £20,000 in today’s terms by reducing life premiums by £1,000 p.a. over 20 years by using lateral thinking in relation to life cover for a £1,000,000 commercial mortgage

Are you protected if illness strikes?

With critical illness and permanent health quotes, we take extra care to ensure not only that you get the cheapest quote, but also that the policy wording really reflects your needs. This is an area that can sometimes be overlooked, with potentially disastrous consequences. For example, not all permanent health policies deal very well with partnerships, and, not all critical illness policies will pay out if you are unable to carry on your job or profession.

We’ll make sure you are adequately protected in all circumstances.

Call now to arrange a Review Meeting – at our expense

If you’d like to discuss your Life Assurance, Health Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance with us, or if you’d simply like to explore the options available to you, please call now to arrange a review meeting. There’s no obligation… just a good opportunity to discuss your position with an investment and financial planning expert who understands the marketplace. Contact us now…