Are you changing your portfolios because of Brexit? FT Journalist asked Alan Solomons

Alan’s reply was simply “No”.
He said: “We amended our portfolios in August 2015 and advised clients to move to a lower risk portfolio because of the state of the investment markets as they are nearing the end of a bull market. Also because negative interest rates in countries like Denmark, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden and now Germany indicate that not all is right in the developed world economies. These negative rates are totally unprecedented. Also many stock markets are looking expensive. Currency values are therefore under pressure. This extreme position probably will result in an unpleasant outcome at some point in the future. It therefore seemed sensible to position our clients’ portfolios to deal with this. Since 1 September 2015 these portfolios have returned 16.77% by 28 June 2016 more than validating our advice so far.”
Alan Solomons BSc FCA CeFA DipPFA is a director of Alpha Investments and Financial Planning Ltd and one of only about 300 Independent Financial Advisers in the UK who is also a practising Chartered Accountant and is regularly quoted in the IFA press including FTAdviser, Money Management, Money Marketing and can be contacted on 020 3397 7730, 079 6764 4743 or alan@alpha4u.co.uk

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